Top tablets for gaming in 2015

Top tablets for gaming in 2015

When Apple introduced the world to their iPad years ago, this was the beginning of the tablet. Since its original inception, these devices have morphed considerably over the years to give users exactly what they want. Today, tablets have become portable computers which can do just about anything. A common use for them is for gaming from high end graphic games like Call of Duty to online casino games at sites like

Nvidia Shield Tablet
One of the best gaming tablets on the market today, the Shield comes equipped with a zippy quad core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. The screen measures 8 inches which will satisfy gamers. However, unlike many other tablets, this one also can be transformed into a gaming console with the additional of an optional wireless controller. This unique feature makes this the ultimate in gaming tablets.

Tesco Hudl
While not a well known name in tablets, the Hudl is an excellent choice for gamers that don’t have as much to spend on a high end tablet. The tablet is well designed and is a great option for gaming. The screen size is seven inches which makes it smaller than some other models. However, for gaming on the go many prefer these dimensions.

iPad Mini 2
With a screen of almost 8 inches, the resolution is sharp at 2048 x 1536 pixels. While there is a newer version of the iPad mini out, the 2 is still the better model for gaming with a cheaper price. The upgrades to the iPad mini 3 aren’t significant enough to warrant the

While these are all super gaming tablets, the Nvidia Shield definitely outshines the others because it was designed with gaming in mind. With unique gaming capabilities, you will find it easy to play your favorite online casino games no matter where you may be.