Using apps to make your trip to Colombia easier

Tourists visiting a new country with only a guidebook is a thing of the past. Nowadays, most tourists plan their trips only with smartphones and use apps as their primary source. You can trust some apps to make your trip to Colombia more fulfilling. Now let’s explore the most popular apps for foreigners making their way to Colombia. 


The best taxi app in Colombia is Tappsi. Maybe you aren’t aware, but Uber is technically illegal in the country. Most people still use it, but you should be careful. Tappsi allows users to connect with yellow taxi drivers throughout the city. You can order a taxi and pay in cash or within the app. In addition, you can share your GPS location for security purposes. It’s the safest way to get around Colombian cities. 

Colombia Travel Guide

This online travel guide features the most relevant cities in Colombia, such as Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, and other Colombian travel destinations. It details the best monuments, museums, and tourist attractions. You can also check out a massive guide to restaurants and bars. Although it will never replace a traditional guidebook, it’s a great alternative to enjoy information about Colombia on the go. You can download and review it offline. 


redBus is a platform that sells bus tickets, so you can move around cities in Colombia by bus. It’s usually complicated to order bus tickets in advance as most people get them at the bus terminal. Therefore, redBus is an incredible option for your trip. You have an array of routes and operators. You can also choose your seats and pay using different methods. This is an opportunity to explore Colombia through its roads.    

Calendario Festivos Colombia

Colombia is famous for its public holidays and festivals. For this reason, having this app will allow you to know all about these events. Whether you want to know about the next festival weekend or need tips about the schedule, participants, or more, you have it all on your phone. 

Transmilenio and Sitp

Bogota’s bus network could confuse you. If you don’t know anything about it (like stops or destinations), the best thing to do is to get this app. Its tracking feature allows you to search for routes and departure times and plan your journey. It lets you better manage your time while you travel around Bogota. 

Colombia Check-Mig Form

It’s time to pack your bags and make your way to Colombia. For smooth entry, you must obtain the [Colombia Check-Mig Form], a mandatory travel document where you will describe your current health status. The good news is that iVisa can help you with the digital procedure after you complete a simple online form. Experts will process your application, and you will receive an email with the official travel document. Show it to the immigration authorities in Colombia and start enjoying your trip. Communicate with customer service agents if you have questions about the digital process.