What Can A Digital Marketing Consultant Do For Your Business?


When it comes to digital marketing and seeking help, there are a number of different options.

You may want to work with an agency, where you pay for professionals to manage and implement part or all of your online strategy for you.

Or, you may prefer to opt for digital marketing consultancy, whereby you work with the professional to devise and implement your strategy effectively. You might be thinking ‘oh but that involves more work’, but actually, the value you receive from the service is far greater. You can use the knowledge and expertise you have gained from your consultancy to positively influence your future strategies and overall success!

What’s more, you may not need support in every aspect of managing your online presence, but that’s fine – you can use your time with a digital marketing consultant as you wish.

If you find a skilled and experienced digital marketing consultant, every penny you invest in their time will no doubt be completely worth it.

Let’s see how consultancy can help you to improve every aspect of your business’ digital strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

 SEO is arguably the most important part of any digital marketing strategy. You might have a beautiful and easy-to-use site, but if no one knows you exist, what’s the point?

Unfortunately, the SERPs these days are like a minefield, it takes serious hard work, time and patience to get yourself noticed. On top of this, even once you have reached a top position, Google’s algorithms change practically every day, so rankings will fluctuate all the time.

Having a professional who is trained in SEO and clued up on all the strategies and tasks involved in improving your rankings will take a lot of the pressure and worry away. As well as helping you to gain an understanding of how Google rankings work, what to do to boost your position and what not to do, they can put your mind at ease about any delays in ranking or sudden fluctuations. Plus, the great thing about consultancy is you can take on board everything they know and use it to benefit your future strategies.

When considering investing in consultancy services, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Bigfoot Digital offer a professional digital marketing and SEO consultancy service, where they share their years of experience and a plethora of expertise with a wide range of clients. Their methods always prioritise ROI and are completely results-focused, so you know your money is going to bring you conversions.

 Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

 CRO should go hand in hand with your SEO strategy, as if your site is not converting, all your other efforts go to waste. A digital marketing consultant can use their experience and knowledge of how to optimise conversions to analyse your site and provide valuable advice on any potential improvements/changes that need to be made.

It is highly useful to have an external perspective for this part of your online strategy, as you and your employees will have a deep knowledge of your desired customer journey already, meaning you may not spot any obstacles as easily. It is all well and good having a site that looks the part, but usability is essential. A consultant will be able to identify any potential issues and you can learn how to do the same, as you should always have a CRO strategy on the go.

 Social Media Marketing

 Online marketing consultancy can also help you to develop and implement an effective Social Media Marketing strategy. Practically everyone is on social media these days, and businesses are utilising it to engage with potential clients and build their brand reputation. Don’t miss out!

Work with a consultant to identify your brand persona and get started. Do you want your brand to be seen as light-hearted and fun? Or does your service require a more mysterious and formal aesthetic? Social media marketing professionals can use and share their skills to help you pinpoint who your brand is and what you will offer people through your engagement. You should always stay consistent when planning and putting into action your social media marketing.

 Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

 What more can a digital marketing consultant do, you may ask? Well, if you find the right one, a lot more. PPC ads are a great way to boost your online presence by allowing you to place ads on social media or Google itself.

Having a digital marketing consultant to assist you with the process of planning, writing and putting into action your ads is a surefire way to ensure that they bring you success. This way, you hopefully won’t waste any money on your ads and you can learn tips and tricks for your future ad campaigns! When it comes to Facebook, in particular, can be picky with the types of ads that they allow, so it is worth working with a professional to make sure that your content doesn’t go to waste. Plus, if your ads are repeatedly rejected it can harm the likelihood of them targeting the right people in the future.

 Content Marketing

 What else can they do to help? You may have members of staff that produce high-quality and valuable content for your site, but a digital marketing consultant can advise you on writing content that ranks on Google and really sells.

To help you tackle this, a good consultancy service should guide you to gain a deep understanding of what it is that your target market really want to see online and assist you in producing content that delivers just that. A consultant can also benefit you by advising how to improve and optimise your existing content for SEO and CRO purposes.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what a digital marketing consultant can do for your business. However, as you can hopefully see, it is worthwhile investing in some time with a professional to benefit your existing and future digital marketing strategies.