Why Future of Gambling on Mobile Steadily on the Rise


You might already know how online casinos have made gambling easier and comfortable for gamblers. But do you know that almost all of these casinos are polishing up their mobile websites and also trying to come up with apps for mobile phones and tablets? Wondering why? Because gambling on mobile is on the rise for the past few years and will most definitely go up in the coming years. But why? Why is the future of gambling on mobiles steadily rising?  

Before we answer the above question, first, let us consider the target population here. In this case, the target population are mobile users. The numbers themselves are enough to gain the interest of the casino owners. The most recent statistics pertaining to mobile users state that there are 5.27 billion unique mobile users around the world. Such a huge population to target, isn’t it? Now we know why casino companies are taking interest in mobile gambling.

But why are people choosing mobile gambling over others, leading to the rise in mobile gambling? Let’s find out.


Mobiles are convenient. Statistics point out that many people prefer to check their emails on mobiles than on their laptops or PCs. The same goes with gambling too. Mobiles are always there in the hands of people and that makes it easier for them to access anything through mobiles. Let it be an important email or a game, people are always on their mobiles 24/7 unless they are resting. The use of smartphones is increasing day by day at an exponential rate and so is mobile gambling with it.

With the mobile gambling sites and apps available in the market, people no longer need to look at the brick and mortar casinos or for that matter any other online casinos too. Everything has become easier with smartphones and whatever they need is right at the tip of their fingers. So saying that mobile phones have made gambling convenient is not at all an exaggeration. And this convenience these mobile phones are offering makes people more inclined to gambling on mobiles than the others.

A great way of passing time

Millennials are always bored. And that just isn’t an opinion but a fact proved by several studies. We can’t completely blame it on them, can we? Not just the millennials, but each and every one of us can’t escape waiting. Waiting in a queue at the hospital or at the movies. Whatnot! We are made to wait everywhere and every day. Not just outside, but even at home while watching ads in between the programmes or when we are simply sitting bored. Boredom is bothersome and gambling is a great way to escape it and pass your time.

Yes! A lot of people turn towards gambling to pass their time. While waiting in the long queue, placing some quick bets or playing some slot games has become a great way of passing their time for most people. Unlike traditional casinos, people don’t need to cash out their credit before closing while gambling online. This makes it easier for people to just log in to their accounts whenever and wherever they want. With just one account you can now play anywhere just by logging in to it. And most of the mobile gambling sites and apps offer several games which give the gamblers a chance at full entertainment.

Internet access

Gone are the days when you paid bulks of money monthly just for the internet. Nowadays everyone has access to the internet. Almost everyone has an unlimited data plan on their mobiles. If not, you don’t even need to struggle to find a free WiFi source. WiFi is literally everywhere. Let it be your local library, or a coffee shop, or McDonald’s, or just the nearby shopping mall or an airport, there is WiFi access everywhere.

The increase in internet access for the people made the availability of mobile gambling sites and apps easier. People can easily access gambling sites with the help of the internet right from their mobiles. This has also contributed to the increase in the number of gambling through mobile phones.


Bonuses are a great way to attract an audience and these mobile gambling sites and apps offer plenty of them. Unlike the brick and mortar casinos, players who bet online get different types of bonuses which makes the players come back for more and these bonuses combined with the convenience offered by mobile gambling is a win-win solution for the gamblers. And that is also one of the many things that makes the gamblers go back to the gambling sites, thus increasing the preference for mobile gambling.

Touch screen

Touch screen? Wondering how this boosts mobile gambling? Here is how. Most people who started gambling online long before these smartphones became popular, might have done so using a PC or a Laptop. But using them is a lot of work as they have to use the keyboards, mouse and different keys for different functions. But with smartphones and their touch screens, everything you need is right there on the screen and all you have to do is touch the screen and boom! 

Also, the touch screens of the mobiles make the play seem more realistic as now your hands are at work like you do in the brick and mortar casinos which gives the players more satisfaction than a mechanical mouse and keyboard.

Mobile Casino apps

Like we already discussed at the beginning of the article, casino companies are giving their best to their mobile apps. These apps are easily available to people on the google play store, app store and even on their websites. The casino companies have made these apps with a lot of wonderful features to make the gambling experience even better. This also has made people choose to gamble on mobiles as these apps provide more games and entertainment than the other channels.

Also, some bettings need to be placed at a specific time when they are announced, and having a convenient channel to do so is something that the gamblers need. Along with being a comfortable option these apps also notify you at the right time so that you won’t miss your chance at placing the bets.

Wrapping Up

Mobile gambling offers comfort and convenience to people. Especially to the current generation- the people who grew up with mobiles and prefer to do everything on mobiles. No one even can deny when you say that people sleep and wake up with mobiles. Mobile phones have become an integral and important part of people’s lives. So mobile gambling has the capability of easily slipping into their routine with ease. Even though some prefer traditional casinos, mobile gambling is for sure on the top considering the convenience it provides to all ages.