Why Shift To Hosted PBX From On-Premise PBX System?


Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative for your traditional on-premise PBX system? With the advancement of hosted PBX solutions, you have access to all the features of your device without any hassle. You don’t have to maintain an on-premise system anymore. The functionality is faster, easier, and cost-effective.

Know all the reasons to own hosted PBX solutions with our list below:

Reasons to shift to hosted PBX

Below, we give you reasons to consider shifting to cloud-hosted PBX solutions instead of using the traditional option:

  1. Simplicity

Hosted PBX opens you up to a modern solution that your business communication requires. It eliminates the need of using a bulky PBX system and helps you manage it by your provider. You don’t need any equipment or even an in-house team for maintenance. It also eliminates manual upgrade of a system. For example, you can start taking calls on your laptop only if you have reliable internet connectivity.

2 .Affordability

You don’t have to buy or take a complex on a lease. With on-site PBX system, you just need a place to work out your business communications. If you are running a small business, you can now prove your professional presence with a headset, internet, and a laptop. You can work from anywhere you want and even travel if you need to.

A cloud-based hosted PBX reduces the overall expenditure that comes in forms of service calls, repairs, downtime in in-house maintenance for a telephonic system, and so on. You don’t need certified people or even subscription of software. There are also third-party vendors who manage hosted PBX systems and reduce infrastructural needs. There is a scalable monthly cost based on individual people and no additional cost for additional features.


With hosted services, you get several redundant servers dispersed geographically in any location. You can connect to every call and have the best communication quality. It also reduces delay and response time.

4.Data Recovery

Hosted PBX lets you buy and set up internet connection with old IP phone systems. The cloud offers you to backup the data. Even a natural calamity cannot disrupt the mechanism of hosted solutions.

5.Web-based management reportage

The process of hosted PBX needs you to install web-based management reportage. It helps you track all the calls. You can also follow up the missed calls for the sales leads. Client conferencing has become way easier and you can also track an employee changeover, forwarded calls or voicemail greetings.


PBX hosting service helps you contract and expand the telephonic communications. It is easy and gives you the advantage of a virtual office. You don’t need to bind yourself into contracts – it is a trick that the traditional telecom companies followed to increase their stock with shareholders. PBX hosting helps you perform better in your day to day activities. You now have a unified communications system that can never get obsolete.

Apart from all the above points, PBX hosting also frees you from capital expenditures and helps you dial local numbers through any geographical location. You can now enjoy advanced features like Soft Phones, CDRs, ACD, and SIM ring.

Final Words:

Note that you will always need a reliable internet connection. For fasting functionality, you should rely on the best servers. Also, turn to a good hosting company that gives you all the best services to install PBX hosting. A company that takes you through the minute detailing and gives you various features might be a perfect choice. Know all the products and services they can offer and choose the best ones that suit your business communication requirements.