Here is why SQL servers are best compatible with Azure and its significance.


Usually, when SQL server customers try to transfer their database to the cloud, they have tons of options to decide the address for their cloud. However, there are two primary vital factors that the server clients need to think of before they can make an informed decision regarding which cloud will be best suited for SQL server workloads.

  • Benchmark outcomes which are independent.
  • New developments that the cloud provider can arrange.

What are the new developments that can be brought forward by the cloud provider?

It is essential to get all the information beforehand about what the cloud provider can offer you before finalizing the option because this selection is not only for today. It affects the performance also in the future. You need to make sure that the option you choose can provide you with features that can maximize the performance of your applications. The cloud provider should also defend you against all technical issues and should be able to take up critical work pressure.

It has been seen that for the past 25 years, the clients had responded positively to the performance, Innovation and security when the SQL server was deployed on Azure. Customers have received the type of innovations that were not available anywhere else.

Azure BobCache is one example that helps customers by providing quick and free reads. This one feature has made a massive difference in the market by winning the hearts of the people. Also, Azure comes with built-in security, which is already pre-configured. It provides management options that make different tasks like patching, backups and availability automatic. Huzoor is so prevalent in the market today because no other platform has been able to provide features and capabilities as compared to this.

Does the performance results clear the benchmarks set by the industries?

Benchmarks are significant because they can help you to find out if the option you selected was able to clear all the challenges. Studies show that Azure is around 3.4 times faster and 87% economical as compared to AWS. A second study showed that Azure is 3.6 times faster and 84% cheaper than AWS.

Top reasons why Azure is the most beneficial platform to run SQL servers-

  • You have to pay five times less when you use Azure.
  • The Azure virtual machines provide high performance on Linux and Windows.
  • Azure comes with built-in security and management features.
  • You can get free extended support up to 3 years for SQL Server 2008 only on Azure.
  • Azure provides a higher number of certifications than any other random cloud provider.

Why is Azure fundamentals certification necessary?

During the past few years, it has been seen that Cloud Computing is gaining high importance in the market. Cloud Computing allows users and Enterprises to store and process data using third party storage locations. Moreover, it is also economical because the companies do not have to invest an enormous amount of money on IT infrastructure.

There is a vast number of organizations around the world that are adopting cloud. Hence the demand for skilled professionals is extremely high in this field. Azure fundamentals certification can help the candidates to secure a job in the Cloud Computing industry.

Reports say that around 1000 new customers use Azure daily, and 365000 new companies are starting to use Azure from Microsoft every year. 57% of the fortune 500 companies are using Azure today. This may help you in understanding how important it has become in recent times. Here are more reasons why you should go for Azure fundamentals certification-

  • According to predictions, cloud-computing will soon become a $300 billion business by 2021. Hence career options will be available in large amounts.
  • Microsoft Azure has proved itself to be much better than its competitors.
  • Microsoft Azure has proved to be highly efficient in almost all the fields like design, management and deployment.

There are many sectors in which you can receive an Azure fundamentals certification-

  • Microsoft Azure architect training.
  • Microsoft Azure developer associate training.
  • Microsoft certified Azure administrator associate.
  • Microsoft Azure fundamentals training.

Azure certification training.

To gain expertise in the field of Microsoft Azure, it is very crucial to obtain and Azure fundamentals certification training. This training will help you achieve all the necessary information regarding the different aspects of the cloud platform, its implementation, developing and using Microsoft Azure, and even includes working on real-life projects and case studies. This training is not just in demand in India but in the entire world.

But if you are a candidate wishing to pursue this certification in India, Azure training Bangalore, Delhi, and many other cities are also possible where you can apply for both online or offline classes.


It has been seen that the SQL server runs best on Azure because it provides unlimited advantages and benefits that help in facing the different industry challenges today. No wonder Microsoft Azure is being adopted by all the top companies in the world.

So if you’re also an aspirant, it is time for you to get started in the Cloud Computing industry. And going for Azure fundamentals certification can be your first step into this exponentially growing industry.