Why we need LEO Privacy Guard?

privacy guard

Are you sure that nobody is spying on what is accessed through your Android device? LEO Privacy Guard is a software application that is compatible with Android devices. The objective of the software is to sort out and secure the user’s frequently used apps, text messages, and other content accessed on his/her Android device. You can secure any kind of content on your phone from others viewing it. There are two options available – lock your apps using a PIN number or enter a password to begin the operations of the software app. You can devise different options for settings when you are using the apps at home or maybe you can pre-define the settings according to your convenience. The second option of using LEO Privacy Guard is fun covers that provide the security of your mobile applications and also increase the operational speed of your Android device.

LEO Privacy Guard Review

The most important factor attributing to the utility of this software app is being certified as The Most Trusted and Popular Privacy Protector for Android. It helps secure your Android phone from interference of the others prying on your content. If your partner snoops through your call details and text messages, or parents spy on their children’s activities on the social media, or colleagues view your private content on your phone accidentally, you can use LEO Privacy Guard to secure the content on your Android phone.

Essential Characteristics

  1. AppLock:
    1. Secure your Android apps with a single click.
    2. Multiple modes of operation are available.
    3. Guard your apps with the Mask.
  2. Privacy alerts
    1. Information updates about the safety of your phone.
    2. Avoid snooping of your private videos, photographs, text messages and call details.
  3. Novel design
    1. User-friendly interface
    2. Easy-to-use instructions
    3. Simple and interactive app features communicating phone safety
    4. Stylish themes
  4. App Management
    1. Uninstalls apps that are used less frequently or unwanted
    2. Quick data backup
    3. Easy control over your data plan
    4. Less battery used to run the app
  5. Easy-to-use shortcuts
    1. The user can access any Android app safely within seconds
    2. All apps are reachable at any time.
  6. App Cover
    1. Beauty cover: A feature that performs the function of unlocking the app with an image of a beautiful lady.
    2. Unknown caller: In case, someone tries to open apps on your Android phone accidentally, the details will be stored under the name of an unknown caller.
    3. Fingerprint scan: It scans the fingerprints of the user to unlock the app. You must click on the fingerprint thrice to unlock your apps.
    4. Error feature: Pop-ups appear on the screen of your Android phone. You need to swipe that pop-up in order to unlock Android applications.

With the special features like those mentioned above, now you have a safe and secure way of accessing software apps on your Android phone. Accidentally, if you lose your phone, Leo Privacy Guard app will help you track the phone and secure the stored data as well.