Xiaomi Miband Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet for Mobile

bluetooth bracelet for mobile

The Xiaomi Miband bracelet is a fitness activity tracker, which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It tracks your physical activity throughout the day and will keep a log of it on your cellphone (Via the app).

The bracelet records a number of activities and has a lot of functions. It records the distance traveled by you during the day (in steps). It records the number of hours you sleep (also the number of hours you deep sleep). You can sync the bracelet to unlock your smartphone. The Xiaomi vibrates to notify you when you get a call. You can even set it up to vibrate when you set the alarm.

The Xiaomi Miband is the most efficient functional band out there. It claims to have a battery life of about 30 days. It has a vast array of parameters, which it calculates. It can unlock your MI phone (This feature does not work with any other phone currently) It can be used on any Android (4.4 or later) or iPhone (iOS 7.0 or later) variants. You can buy Xiaomi Miband on Gearbest with free shipping.

Keeping in mind the adventurous spirit of the bracelet owner, Xiaomi has made the Miband water and dust resistant (IP67). This will make sure that the band will not be damaged when exposed to dust/sun or be affected by rainfall. This makes it convenient for the user to go on with his/her usual activities without being bothered by the bands durability.

This band can work well for people who find it difficult to keep track of their physical activity in their busy work schedule. Through the app they can set goals as to how many steps should be taken or calories should be burnt in a day. The app lets them keep track of this and in turn help the end consumer stay fit.

In conclusion, the band is a super piece of equipment to track ones physical activities and compare it. This will help a person to gauge their current physical activity rate and increase it as desired. It is of great help to people who are trying to loose weight and is goal oriented. If you are want to check more fashion smart watches, then can visit gearbest.com.

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